Frequently asked questions

  • What is the RG Player Zone and why should I register directly?
    Search for hours on Facebook in the events for tournaments? Getting annoyed because you missed another registration? Not knowing how many and which teams are already registered for the tournament? Not finding the contact details of the community in the area? Filling out annoying, non-functioning Google Docs? Running after information about the tournament? Not showing up with your favourite selfie in the ranking of the best players in Germany? All this belongs to the past! Our platform RG Player Zone combines the most important functions around the hottest sport in the world!
  • What are the features of the RG Player Zone?
    The RG Player Zone provides you centrally with everything you need: Tournament overview: You can see all tournaments that are reported to us in a bundle. Tournament registration: Some of the tournaments can be registered exclusively via our platform, for the others you can access the external registration link directly via the platform. Rankings: You want to see who are the best players and teams? Get the overview! Community overview: All Roundnet communities on one page, with pictures, members and contact persons. player search: You want to play, but don't know with whom? Find your Roundnet-Match right here!
  • How can I register?
    Click on "Register" on the start page, the form will open. Fill out the form by giving yourself a username and enter your name and mail address. If you have already played a tournament that has been added to our system, your profile will be suggested to you after entering your first and last name. Depending on the information we got, your community and your team will also be displayed for this tournament. Select this in the dropdown menu and your newly created profile will be linked automatically. If you have not played a tournament yet, a new profile will be created. Agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy (and read them in advance for once). Optionally add your EUSRA-ID (you can do this later if you wish)
  • What information can I set within my profile?
    Team info and pictures: You can manage information about all teams you have played a registered tournament with. You can find the option on the profile page under your RG-ID. User info: Here you can change general information like your mail address and your name. Profile info: Besides mandatory fields like your gender and your tournament password, you can enter the most important information about yourself voluntarily: nickname, year of your first Roundnet experience, social media profile, EUSRA-ID and a really fancy self-description. You can also select and deselect newsletters: In our newsletters you will receive general information from and about Roundnet Germany and notifications about new tournaments.
  • What is the RG-ID and why do I need it?
    The RG-ID is a composition of the first letters of your first name and a number. It helps us to enter you and your tournament results into our system without errors. In addition, it is used when your team partner wants to register with you for a tournament. Click on the circle in the top left corner, you will find your RG-ID at the top of your profile page (see screenshot).
  • What is a tournament password, why do I need it and how do I change it?
    Your personal tournament password will prevent anyone from accidentally registering with you for a tournament. Each RG-ID can only be registered once for a tournament. You can change your tournament password on your profile page in the Profile Info section. Please only give it to the person who wants to register with you for a tournament!
  • How do I find the most important information about a tournament?
    Click on tournaments in the icon bar to get the current overview of all tournaments. Choose the tournament you are interested in and click on it. The overview with the most important information will open. For more details click on the corresponding box on the bottom right.
  • How can I register for a tournament?
    After clicking on "Register" or "Details" in the tournament overview (see question above), select your desired division. Note: You will be shown the teams that are already registered, and the box on the right will also show you a) when the application will be opened. b) that the application is currently open. c) only the waiting list is still open. d) that the registration is closed. e) there is an external registration link that you must use to register Fill out the registration form by entering the RG-ID and the tournament password of your team partner. Ask him/her for that information! Fill in your team name, your skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Pro) and optionally your EUSRA TEAM ID If you have already played a tournament that is stored in our system, you do not need to enter your team name. Click on "next" and check the summary. Click on "next", your registration will now be processed. You and your partner will receive a confirmation mail with the most important information about the tournament (please check your spam folder!)
  • What if a tournament is already fully booked?
    If the tournament is already full, this is indicated by the box and the info "waiting list". You can still register for the tournament, but you will be put on the waiting list for the time being. Your position on the waiting list will be shown in your profile so that you can assess how realistic your participation is. The tournament host will inform you as soon as possible if a seat becomes available.
  • I want to organise a tournament myself and have it displayed on the platform, how does that work?
    If you would like to host a tour stop, please email us at contact@roundnetgermany.de with your plans and questions. In order to create similar conditions at all tournaments, we have established some criteria that must be met at a Tour Stop. criteria: 1. at least 16 teams in a men's tournament, in mixed/ladies divisions at least 10 teams 2. playing mode: first a preliminary round (we recommend groups), then a main round in the KO system (double or single). 3. each team must have a total of at least 5 games. 4. underground: grass, hall floor or sand 5. if more than one division (e.g. beginner, advanced) is offered, the best one counts as the top one and all others follow on the places of the total number of participants (the top division must consist of at least 16 teams) 6. the team partners may not be changed during the tournament (In the group phase a substitute partner may play, but the matches played will be removed from the ranking, i.e. counted as defeat. In the KO-system no teams with changed partners are allowed) There is also a small fee of 3€ per registered team, which will be used for ranking and further support of your and other tournaments. If all criteria are met, we will set up the tournament on our platform and give you the admin rights so that you can manage the tournament on your own.
  • My partner has injured himself/herself, how can I change my team?
    Changes of registration are carried out by the tournament host. Write a short mail with the information which player should be replaced and tell the RG-ID of the new person and optionally your new team name. The new person must not be registered for the same tournament yet!
  • How can I change my community?
    Go to the top left of your profile. In the settings you will find the option "Club/Community". Select your community from the dropdown menu and click on "Save". If your community is missing in the list, see the next question below. Note: Only German communities are included in the overview for the time being!
  • I cannot find my community, what can I do?
    If your community cannot be found in the listing, it is because we do not have it in the system yet. But that doesn't matter, because we are very happy to add new communities. Please send us a mail to marcel@roundnetgermany.de with the most important information about your community: name, city, contact person, (logo, group picture). We will then create your Community in our system and give you the admin rights for your personal community page, so that you can improve it even more!
  • How can I customize the page for my community?
    We assign 2 admin rights for each community. Therefore, please agree within your community who should adapt the information, photos etc. for you. Please inform us by mail to marcel@roundnetgermany.de and we will activate the two admin-rights as soon as possible. To change the information of your community, go to your profile page. There your admin rights for the community will be displayed. By clicking on the community name you will get to the admin page and can edit all important information, upload group photos and much more.
  • How does the partner search work?
    Click on the icon partner search and fill out the form. All tournaments in the overview are given for selection in the dropdown, if you are looking for another tournament, enter the name, location and date manually. Indicate if you are already registered for the tournament (and need a new partner) or if you are planning a new registration. Optionally, write additional information that is important for you. You can (and should) also enter your contact details. If you do not provide any contact data, you will receive a mail with the message of the interested person, but for reasons of data protection the person cannot see your mail address. Note: The exchange of contact data (mobile phone number, email address, etc.) must - also for data protection reasons - be done by yourself!
  • How does the ranking work?
    The ranking is based on a number of points that each team or player receives for their performance in a tournament depending on their ranking. Only tournaments that are officially registered with us as Tour Stop will be included in the ranking. The number of points depends on the size of the underlying tournament. Team rankings are calculated for the different divisions men, women and mixed as well as the individual ranking for women and men. The individual points can be collected in pure men's or women's tournaments as well as in mixed tournaments. Within a tournament, in order to meet all playing levels, several performance classes, e.g. advanced and beginner, can be offered. We also encourage you to offer separate tournaments for beginners. These tournaments are also part of the GRT, but only give a symbolic number of ranking points for the winners. As a symbolic value there are 20 points for the 1st place in a beginner tournament, 10 points for the 2nd place and 5 points for the 3rd place in the ranking. After the tournament host has reported the tournament results, they will be checked by us and released in the system. Our platform then updates the ranking points of the individual scores automatically. No system is perfect: If you have any mistakes concerning your ranking or points, please contact us at contact@roundnetgermany.de.
  • How can I delete my Profile?
    Unfortunately, we are obliged at this point to explain this hopefully not occurring case. Before you delete your profile, please think about it again. You're missing something. You're really missing something. Just go to your profile and use the option "Delete profile" at the bottom left. Important note: Deleting your profile will only delete your personal account on our platform. Your tournament results will not be affected and will still be displayed on the RG Player Zone. If you wish to have them deleted from the system as well, please contact us at contact@roundnetgermany.de