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eventDate: Aug. 5, 2023 - Aug. 6, 2023

homeHost: Roundnet Sharks Kiel

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people_outlineTeams: 183

textureSurface: Grass

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 German Roundnet Tour 2023


The Roundnet Sharks Kiel, in cooperation with the Roundnet Otters Hamburg, gladly invite you to the first ever Masters tournament in Schleswig-Holstein!

After hosting last year’s German Championships together, we’re absolutely stoked for bringing the next big tournament to the north! With Nationals 2022 being a huge success, we are doing everything in order to give you an even bigger and better event in every aspect! Therefore, we will keep you updated and informed on the Playerzone and on Instagram (@roundnetsharks_kiel and @roundnet_otters_hamburg).


Registration for lottery pools will be open from 19.06. 6 pm until 21.06. 9 pm. Afterwards, registration for free spots and waiting list will be open until Friday, 04.08. 4pm (First Come First Served). Divisions can be increased individually but only in case of high demand (waiting list).


The tournament fee will be 35€ per Team or 38€ per team in which not both players are member of Roundnet Germany e.V.. 

Refund, as usual, is possible, if a replacement can be found. That is, if a team can and wants to step in from the waiting list. 


This year, everyone will be able to participate! Women’s, Men’s and Mixed competitions will be open for Beginner up to Pro level.

Saturday: Women’s & Men’s

Sunday: Mixed

There is more than enough space on both days. The size of the divisions will be determined based on the number of registration.


On both days, the warm-up can start from 8:00 am on the square. Here also begins the registration.

We plan to start playing at 9:00 am. It is planned to end between 7 pm and 8 pm.


The tournament will be played on grass. Please don’t wear any iron studs, as it spares surface and fellow players.

The address is: Nordmarksportfeld, 24118 Kiel.

From central station, you can get there by bus via line 81 and 22 (to Suchsdorf) taking the stops “Eichhofstraße” or “Nordmarksportfeld”. By car, try to navigate to Mühlenweg over Olshausenstraße. We also have enough space for parking.


Changing rooms, showers and toilets will at the location.

Food and Drinks:

The registration contains lunch consisting of self-made wraps. We will provide all ingredients for you to make it tasty. There will be no meat though. You will also get free snacks over the day.


If you’re interested, you can camp on site from Friday til Monday morning. Every camper will be provided with a (hangover) breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. The charge will be 10€ per person for the weekend.

Further, our sharks will be more than happy to host you. We will make a list when registration is done to get you sorted.


Saturday evening/night will be your chance to show some skills apart from the net. We’re going to celebrate our sport together with you and the rest of our amazing community! So prepare yourself, the third half is yours, definitely!


If you have any questions, contact us via Instagram or mail:


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    We accidentally signed up for advance, but wanted to sign up for intermediate. Are there any teams in intermediate, who wants to trade places?

    12. Jul, 20:50h

    Hey Anders,

    unfortunately it's not that easy. You can only cancel your registration for advanced and register for intermediate waiting list. If you're lucky, you can then step in in case of other cancellations or us increasing the division.

    Cheers, Jarrit

    14. Jul, 13:26h

    How is the schedule on the advanced mix and intermediate mix tournament sunday? We want to catch a Flixbus to Denmark at 17:55 from the central station, and we don't know if this is even possible for us?

    Thanks for helping out :)

    26. Jun, 23:25h

    Hi Liv!

    We will try to host the finals around 17-18 o'clock, but there's no guarantee for it. It also depends a bit on the number of teams playing, which we cannot definitely tell right now. However, there should be a decent bus line, going to central station from close to the event area. I think it is 81 and 22 which both take about 15 minutes.

    Great that so many Danish players are coming! We're really looking forward to you guys! 🥳

    Cheers, Jarrit ✌🏼

    27. Jun, 15:26h