Welcome to the Roundnet Germany Coaching Zone - a product from the community for the community. Here you will find an ever growing pool of roundnet specific exercises, helping you to bring your game to the next level. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, or if you want to train alone, with your team partner or in a larger group, here you will find the right exercises to take you further. You also have the possibility to upload your own exercises to share with the commnity. All you have to do now is search for the desired area you want to improve and start training! Have fun!

Level 1

Exercises for everyone - rookies and experts alike. They help to improve very specific areas of the game with simple drills that are easy to comprehend. Just because an exercise is level 1 does not mean that top players cannot benefit from them!

Level 2

Requirements for level 2 are a good understanding of the game, a good orientation around the net and consitantly accurate touches. Not impossible for newbies but bad touches will ruin the flow of the exercises.

Level 3

These exercises require excellent ball control, consistant setting and a diverse pool of precise hits. They live of long rallies, enabling many touches and lots of repetition, leading to a speedy improvement for all players

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Level 1 groups  2   1     a lot
Receiving reaction

One person serves as normal. The person receiving (V) is much closer to the net than usual. This gives V less time to react to the balls, which trains the …

Level 1 groups  3   1     1
Defense 101

2 players form a team and start opposite eachother in a neutral defensive position. The coach/third player (T) stands at the net, simulating an attacker. T moves with the ball …

Level 1 groups  2   1     a lot
Go long!

One player stands at the net as an attacker (A). The defending player (V) is at the Net and throws the ball up to himself and hits a long, medium-high …

Level 2 groups  2   1     a lot
Go long and come back!

One player stands at the net as attacker (A). The defending player (V) stands opposite. A throws the ball up to himself and hits a long, medium-high ball. V has …

Level 1 groups  1   0     2
Setting technic

A ball/other object is clamped between the upper arm and upper body. A ball is simply held up. This forces the correct standing position and requires a quick movement towards …

Level 3 groups  3   1     1
star star star star star
360 degree flow

An attacker (A) stands next to the Net. An attacker (S) positions himself opposite A and a receiving person (V) positions himself about 3-4 meters from the net. A has …

Level 2 groups  2   1     a lot
Hitting off the net

The player to be coached (A) stands opposite the trainer (T) about 2 metres from the net. T stands directly at the net and has at least 5 balls ready. …

Level 2 groups  5 - 8   1     5
Circle of Death

An attacker (A) is at the net. The other players act as setters (S) and line up about 2-3 metres from the net. They should be able to set the …

Level 2 groups  6   1     4
1 against 4

Attacker (A) is at the net. A setter (S) stands 2 metres from the net opposite A. Four defenders (V) stand around the net. Vs are constantly moving and have …

Level 2 groups  2   1     1
2 Player flow

The players are placed opposite each other in a tight radius around the net. Player1 hits the ball onto the net (= easy serve). Player 2 takes the ball, runs …

Level 1 groups  2 - 4   0     1
Roundnet Tennis

This exercise is a good possibility to work on your touches. It should be played in a gym on a badminton court. The bench is placed in the middle of …

Level 3 groups  2   1     1
star star star star star

2 persons at the Net. Striking/attacking player (A) is at the net and strikes at receiving player (V). A stands about 2m away from the net. V receives to A, …