Welcome to the Roundnet Germany Coaching Zone - a product from the community for the community. Here you will find an ever growing pool of roundnet specific exercises, helping you to bring your game to the next level. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, or if you want to train alone, with your team partner or in a larger group, here you will find the right exercises to take you further. You also have the possibility to upload your own exercises to share with the commnity. All you have to do now is search for the desired area you want to improve and start training! Have fun!

Level 1

Exercises for everyone - rookies and experts alike. They help to improve very specific areas of the game with simple drills that are easy to comprehend. Just because an exercise is level 1 does not mean that top players cannot benefit from them!

Level 2

Requirements for level 2 are a good understanding of the game, a good orientation around the net and consitantly accurate touches. Not impossible for newbies but bad touches will ruin the flow of the exercises.

Level 3

These exercises require excellent ball control, consistant setting and a diverse pool of precise hits. They live of long rallies, enabling many touches and lots of repetition, leading to a speedy improvement for all players

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Level 2 groups  3   1     1
Receive on 4

Two attackers (A) are standing directly opposite each other at the net. A defender (V) stands about 3 metres from the net (on the shoulder axis of the two A's) …

Level 2 groups  1   1     1
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Go long! (1p)

The player stands close to the net and hits the ball high in any direction. As soon as the ball is in the air, the player himself must run for …

Level 1 groups  3   1     1
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Hard shoulder

An attacker (A) is at the net. Two defenders (V) stand left and right on the shoulder axis of the A. A moves slowly around the net, but the Vs …

Level 1 groups  2   0     1
Reactive wall

Players to be trained (S) stand facing the wall at a distance of about 2-3 metres. Coach (T) throws a ball against the wall (from different directions), which must be …

Level 1 groups  2   0     0
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Reactive numbers

9 pieces of tape are stuck to the wall and randomly labelled with the numbers 1-9. The player to be trained stands within reach of the wall. Coach (T) stands …

Level 1 groups  2   0     2

Trainer (T) stands with stretched arms and a ball in hand. The player to be coached is standing opposite with his arm stretched out. T drops the ball without warning, …

Level 1 groups  2   0     3
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Ball machine

A simple exercise for everyone to train your foot work

Level 1 groups  1+   0     0
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Warm running

Player:in runs from A to B and then again from B to A. Alternatively you can also run from A to A.

Level 1 groups  1   0     1
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Hold the ball up alternately left and right and with the inside and outside of the hand.

Level 2 groups  1   0     1

Hold the Roundnet ball and the balloon in the air with your hands at the same time

Level 2 groups  1   1     1

Set up your net 1-2 meters away from the wall, depending on the desired difficulty. Play the ball over the net against the wall so that it comes directly back …

Level 2 groups  1   1     1
Behind the back

Set up your set one meter from the wall and stand to the side of the set. Hit the ball with your strong hand behind your back onto the net …