Partner search 2.0 is here 😍
Now you can connect even easier and find potential partners for tournaments. The whole thing works like in the well-known dating apps: Player profiles are swiped to the left or right, if both swipe each other to the right you have a match and can connect to meet and play at one of the next tournaments.
This is how it works:
If you want to participate, just register via the link below (you need a Playerzone account). You can then specify in which division and level you want to play. You will only be shown to people who chose the same division and you will also only see people who chose the same division.
In a short bio, you can for example write which of the next tournaments you'd like to play or just some general stuff about why you are an excellent roundnet match. You don't need to upload a new photo, your regular profile picture will be used.
If you found a match, the connecting is done outside of the Playerzone, so just provide your phone number, email or whatever you like to be contacted.