Boomer Clash 24

eventDate: April 27, 2024

homeHost: 1. Roundnet Club Köln

roomLocation: Köln    mapMap

people_outlineTeams: 23

textureSurface: Grass

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Over 30



Boomer Clash 2024 (over 30's)

While the current top teams in Europe battle it out at the Cologne Trophy 2024, the "old" stars also get a stage to show what they're still made of at the Boomer Clash '24. True to the motto Oldie But Goldie, the only true Gold(ie) division will be competing to find the best over-30 team.

All roundnet players (Open) who are 30 years or older at the time of the tournament are invited to take part.

Venue: Jahnwiese, Junkersdorfer Str., 50858 Köln

Same natural grass pitch as the Cologne Trophy - which takes place at the same time - so the stars can learn a few tricks from you.

The registration fee per team is: 20€
The tournament places will be allocated by lottery.
All teams have from 09.03.24 06:00 to 13.03.24 18:00 time to register for the lottery pots.
After that, the places will be drawn by lot. If there are free spots left, the remaining places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
We will provide some fruit and small snacks as we have deliberately kept the registration fee low. We ask you to bring your own food. There will also be no big lunch break.

08:15 - 09:30 Warm-up / Registration
09:15 - 09:30 Welcome
from 09:30 Tournament starts
Equipment: Sets from Premier Spike, Pro-Balls from Spikeball
... further information will follow
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