Freiburger Affenkäfig

eventDate: March 16, 2024 - March 17, 2024

homeHost: Black Forest Monkeys

roomLocation: Freiburg    mapMap

people_outlineTeams: 58

textureSurface: Indoor

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 German Roundnet Tour 2024



On March 16th and 17th, 2024, the monkey cage in the Black Forest will come to a boil. That's why we're inviting you cutpuchin monkeys and boomobos to our indoor tournament in Freiburg.

For questions about the tournament, we have set up the e-mail address for you. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us exclusively via this address.

Requests via Instagram, WhatsApp, message in a bottle or similar will not be processed!

Here are the most important information:

The lottery pot is open from Monday 12.02. 6am to Thursday 15.02 6pm.


36 teams per day are planned:

Saturday 16.03.24:
Intermediate Open

Sunday 17.03.24:
Basic Open, Intermediate/Advanced Women, Advanced Open

Our primary goal is to be able to offer all divisions individually! However, we reserve the right to cancel or combine divisions depending on the number of registrations.

Unfortunately, there will be no Mixed in Freiburg

Registration fee - payment:
Per team: 25€ / with RG membership 22€

For athletes in need of financial support, we would like to draw your attention to the Roundnet Germany "Solidaritätszuschlag" (solidarity supplement).

Please transfer the outstanding amount by 01.03.2024 to:
Account holder: Black Forest Monkeys e.V.
IBAN: DE45830654080004114655

Or you can pay your contribution via PayPal (Family&Friends) to

!!! Please always state your individual token as the intended use !!!

Cancellation conditions:

If another team can fill the place of the canceling team, the canceling team will get its money back in full.

If the place remains empty, the canceling team will not get its money back.

Registration: 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.
Tournament start: 9:30 am
Lunch break: 12:30-14:30 staggered lunch break
Tournament end: 18:00
The schedule applies to Saturday and Sunday

Tournament system:
Group stage: We plan to play in groups of 4. In the group phase, two sets of 15 HC 21 will be played.
Knockout phase: A single knockout with two sets to 15 HC 21 will be played.
Placement matches will be played to one set of 21 HC 25.
If there is enough time, we would like to play two sets to 21 HC 25 from the semi-finals onwards.



Staudingerstr. 10
79115 Freiburg

There are plenty of free parking spaces next to the halls.


Falkenbergstr. 21
79110 Freiburg

There are a few free parking spaces near the halls. However, there are plenty of free parking spaces at the nearby sports park (approx. 300m).


Side snacks and fruit for you are included.

We will also offer drinks and snacks (cakes and the like) for a donation. Please bring your own cup for coffee. 

Sanitary facilities:

Toilets, showers and changing rooms for men and women are available in the halls.

For further questions, please refer to the e-mail address mentioned at the beginning

See you soon in Freiburg

Your Monkeys 🐒🐒🐒

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